OUR PROCEDURES and the environment

Goose down, the real core of every creation, passes through complex processing, essential for yield and final quality purposes. Selection, dust extraction, thorough washing and rinsing, centrifugation and drying up. Operations that are carried out in a careful and skilled way to assure that the product perfectly complies with the hygienicsanitary requirements being provided for by the standards in force. Only after such operations, down will be collected into the special bag that prevents the anaesthetic flock loss. The bag is covered with valuable fabrics and is modelled with amazing quilting.

Down precious qualities are kept unaltered, or even better, they are increased. From the material to the work: a process that alchemically combines the cold accuracy of machinery with lively human creativity.

Care for the environment and safeguarding the world we live in, are fundamental values in the creation of CINELLISTUDIO garments.

Raw materials are obtained and treated according to precise guidelines.

Respect for animals: feathers and down are the second product gathered after meat, so they are not plucked from live animals.

Respect for customers: who can count on a material that has been through a careful selection, analysis, and certification process, and which is always new and never recycled.

Respect for the environment: thanks to an industrial cycle that strictly complies with current regulations.

Respect for ecological issues: thanks to a water purification plant that allows the recycling of this primary resource, and the reduction of the environmental impact on the surrounding area.