The impeccable style and outstanding quality of CINELLISTUDIO express themselves today in a new brand, which distinguishes the collections for men and women of the true leaders in the pure European white goose down garments production.

But [C]STUDIO is much more: it collects all CINELLISTUDIO's know-how to offer its customers high-end product lines, conceived and designed, built and distributed with new energy to face the challenges of the present.


Cinellistudio’s heritage is expressed in an archive of passion and insight that results in a brand where sports and urban speak the language of today’s women and men.

CRUST is the vintage brand by Cinellistudio that collects that legacy, working on a rich design-oriented research on materials and the most innovative solutions in terms of comfort and style.

In the CRUST world the inspiration to research and adventure lives together with the solutions to everyday practicality and comfort.