Privilege Card’s Terms and Conditions

cinellistudio STORE Privilege Card is a registered personal and not transferable Card.

The Privilege Card collects points / discount every time you make a purchase at the cinellistudio STORE in Borgo a Buggiano (PT) via Verdi 4 / d, (Tel. +39 0572 390036), and online at

To get the points / discount you must use the cinellistudio STORE Privilege Card physically at the store in Borgo a Buggiano: it is not possible to credit points / discount, without the Privilege Card.

To use the Privilege Card on the online store, ...........................................

The Privilege Card does not expire although Cinellistudio SRL might choose to widraw its use. In any case, if the scoring is interrupted , all accumulated points will be used within a period of 90 days. The card automatically terminates if no purchase has been made withing 365 days to the Privilege Card registration and no points have been accumulated.

Points are awarded at the time of each purchase, and will be counted as follows: every spending  of € 30 will be awarded 1 point .


The points raised by the Card Holder of the Privilege Card can be redeemed for discount on the purchase of articles at the shop in Borgo a Buggiano (PT) via Verdi 4/ and at the online store

The points collected will only be used to purchase goods.

It is not intended in any way a refund in cash of the value of the points.

The value of each point corresponds to a discount of 1 Euro.

Points can not be used if The Privilege Card is not shown to the store staff  in Borgo a Buggiano (PT) via Verdi 4 / d.


In case of theft or loss of the Privilege Card, the Cardholder will notify promptly reporting to the email address in order to prevent fraudulent use of the points on the card lost / stolen.

We will emit a Privilege Card replacement and transfer your points from the old Privilege Card to the new one.

The cinellistudio STORE Privilege Card is issued at no charge. Failure, incomplete or untrue data communications necessary for the grant of the Card, will prevent the release of the same.

Any change of address must be communicated in writing at the store cinellistudio STORE in Borgo a Buggiano (PT) via Verdi 4 / d, by mail at

The Owner may, at any time , terminate the program cinellistudio STORE Privilege Card giving their card at the store cinellistudio STORE in Borgo a Buggiano (PT) via Verdi 4 / d, accompanied by written notice of cancellation signed by the Owner.

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